Telescopic flagpoles are the best option for a brief use

The flagpoles always have a certain height and they are intended to be installed on a certain place and stand there all the time. They are not designed to be easily transported and reinstalled. At least it is a case of the conventional flagpoles. You can find the flagpoles, which can be easily transported even with a car. They are known as the telescopic flagpoles.

These telescopic flagpoles are usually used for short periods of time, such as at the trade shows, meetings and exhibitions, so wherever flags and banners are used for a short time. They are a true eye-catcher. Telescopic masts can be put together quickly and easily removed, so you can transport them without any problems. Most of the telescopic flagpoles can be used internally and externally. They are also available with a rotating banner arm. Of course, there are different types of the flagpoles with different height, depending on its application. They are made of aluminum and very robust. Their height is continuously adjustable.

There are several different methods of the telescopic flagpole installation. Among others, it is possible to set it with the help of the adjusting screw. Other models are equipped with the counter-rotational mechanism to set a flagpole to the desired height. Another popular model is a flagpole with a clip. There are three different heights. Surely, the telescopic flagpoles are available with a banner arm. It is the best choice if you need a transportable flagpole.

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