A flag holder is a good alternative

A flagpole in the yard is a dream of many people and not only before the FIFA World Cup. People usually hoist the flags of a favorite team or the national flags of other countries before the arriving of the guests from abroad. Nevertheless, many people shy away from the flagpole installation in their gardens. Therefore, they just hang a flag on the window but it always looks very poor. But they should not install a whole flagpole to hang a flag because a flag holder is the best alternative! The major advantage is certainly that it can be easily mounted on a wall or even on the roof. Thus, it can be very easily dismounted if there is no need in it anymore.

You can see such flag holders on the large international hotels, thus, they want to present appropriate national flags. Many hotels have their flag holder installed not only at the entrance but also in a lobby and a reception area. Since they are relatively small and compact, they can be used almost everywhere as an advertising medium, for example in the pedestrian zones, such flags cannot be passed by. Just install a flag holder on the facade! Surely, you need an owner’s permission but it usually makes no problems. There are even special adjustable brackets so flags can be installed in many different positions. Very popular are the mobile versions, which can be set up very quickly and dismantled if there is no need in it anymore. It is a great alternative to the big flagpoles.

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