Flagpole with a banner arm is a great option on the windless days.

If you use a flag as an advertising method for your company, probably you must wish your flag be visible all the time. Usually, advertising effect depends on the wind, because only then a flag can be visible. A standard flagpole is a great option if you live in a windy region. But a certain problem with it can occur if you live in a windless region. Even a slight wind is not enough to make a flag visible. Therefore, your advertising message can not be spread very efficiently.

A flagpole with a banner arm is the only alternative for the windless regions. This banner arm ensures that the flag is always kept taut and accordingly, can be seen in all weather conditions. The flagpoles with a banner arm are available in different variants. On the other hand, a standard flagpole is an alternative. They are usually used near restaurants or shopping centers. In this model, a banner arm is not hoistable but can rotate freely in the wind be means of the rotary head. A flag is attached there with the help of the plastic loop to prevent usual noise.
The flagpoles with a hoistable banner arm are even more popular. These flagpoles are equipped with an internal halyard system, which ensures protection against vandals and thefts. These flagpoles can be with a crank handle or an access door. It does not matter which flagpole you choose, the flagpole with a banner arm is the best choice in windless regions.

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