Advertising via display frames

Surely, you know about the display frames. Even if you do not know how they are called, you have seen them once anyway. They have a very wide variety of application but, in most cases, they are used outside. It is not surprising because they are ideal for both permanent and mobile use. Usually, they are made of aluminum. Thus, a great advantage is that they can withstand rust. These display frames are very reusable since a banner cloth clamped in the frame can be changed very quickly. It is the best option even for constantly changing banners!

It is very easy to install the construction of this ideal advertising medium. Nevertheless, the frame is very robust. If you want to use these frames as flexible and mobile billboards, you have found a perfect solution! They are also used as a signboard for the companies e.g. at the automobile trades. They can be fastened very securely and withstand any weather condition.

Most customers really appreciate the opportunity to change and replace a banner cloth very easy. In addition, it provides an always visible advertising space. Flags have to be always in the wind to be visible or you can use a flagpole with a banner arm but anyway, the flag may be barely visible under certain conditions. Though, you should always remember that the display frames are always at the eye level. Thus, they are not visible from afar, but in any case carry its message to the target audience. Display frames are a good addition to the flag.

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