The right flagpole for every occasion

We find them in front of the company, in the shopping street, in front of the house, at or on the building or in our own private garden, the flagpoles that want to raise attention for something. Sometimes they tell us it’s a company’s office, other times they indicate grief, when the flags are at half-mast. They serve as advertising material or proudly present the victory of one’s team at a sports match. But not every flag pole is equally well suited for the respective purpose it is meant for. There are different types of flagpoles, each of them determining where they will be used.

  • The Aluart Standard Flagpole is suitable for private persons or retail stores that want to draw attention. This aluminum flagpole is available in a simple, inexpensive version without compromising your budget.
  • For those who have legitimate concerns about flag theft, for example at unguarded, public places, the Small Door flagpole or the Small Door Flagpole Deluxe are the right choice. The internal hoist system protects against theft.
  • Bigger flagpoles with banner arms are particularly suited for companies, which attach great importance to one or more impressive flagpoles. In this case the Aluart Deluxe Lockup Flagpole with banner arm is recommendable, as it always presents the flags in a glorious way and at the same time protects the ensign against theft.

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