How to take care of my flag and my flagpole?

Proudly and impressively the flagpole presents itself with its flag in front of a company building – especially when the flag pole was just set up and a brand-new flag was hoisted. But even though wind and weather cannot harm the high-quality flagpoles from Aluart, flags and flagpole accessories suffer under constant use. What should you pay attention to, to keep the flag from suffering too bad and which flagpole accessories or flagpole parts need to be replaced every now and then?

How to take care of my flag?

Wind, weather and also air pollution will ensure that your flag does not look as impressive as it used to. Wash your flag in the washing machine at 60 degrees or bring the flag to a special professional cleaning service. The flag is traditionally hung up to dry in the hallway. In case of strong winds (8 Beaufort) the flag should be taken down. But even then, your flag will start to fringe one day. A repair service will help you in that case.

„ Not the opposing army is the biggest enemy of the flag, but humidity and dust.“

Little care needed for the flagpole

Aluminum flag poles from Aluart need almost no care viagra naturel en france. You only need to check, and if necessary exchange, the flagpole accessories like the halyard or the plastic spouts. If you like, the Aluart Service Team would be happy to do so for you.

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