Mobile advertising media: from table pennants to telescoping flagpoles

The higher the flagpole the more impressive it is. In general that is correct, but there occasions on which smaller flag poles can be quite impressive as well. Especially for fairs, which take place inside of buildings, smaller flagpoles work well. A flagpole with a height of 12 meters or more cannot be set up inside anyways. With the practical mobile flagpoles from Aluart you are always one step ahead of your competitors. We will briefly present to you the best mobile advertising media.

Mobile advertising media from Aluart: from small to large

  • Table pennants are not just an advertising media that can be found in a club house or in a group of regulars. During a fair your booth can be professionally equipped like this. Want to bet that (almost) every customer will take the table pennant into their hands at least ones?
  • The Aluart beach flag has a design that catches the eye of the customer. The best about this advertising media: It can be used at other places than the beach as well. The beach flag is easily transported, set up and taken down.
  • The telescoping flagpole can easily be pulled apart if necessary. This way it can easily be transported before and after a fair. The Aluart „Clic-Clac“ for example has a length of 5,50 meters when dismantled and can be easily fixated with an automobile foot or a concrete base. No wind inside? This is not a problem for the mobile flagpole from Aluart as well – because it can be ordered in a version with an outrigger. This way the flag presents itself perfectly at all times even without wind.

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