Flags are timeless and always modern

Flags and ensigns are important symbols for us as current affairs demonstrate again. On the Crimea the Russian flag is hoisted in these days and the Russians also left their national ensign at the bottom of the sea at, or rather, under the North Pole. We do not want to talk about politics, but only demonstrate that flags and banners did not lose any of their significance and importance. They are still used to demonstrate claims and affiliation.

But not only countries draw attention with flags; companies, clubs and private individuals do as well achat viagra en belgique. However, they not only use flags to demonstrate that something belongs to them.

  • The flagpole with the company flag in front of the company building does not only show the company logo, but also a sales message. Chain stores have realized the value of flags and ensigns in front of the store in the meantime as well, and take advantage of this inexpensive alternative to attract customers.
  • Companies use flags and ensigns at events, street festivals and fairs to draw attention to their booth. Customers can already see the logo or sales message from far away.
  • No sports team without its own flag. This banner is not only hoisted at the clubhouse though, but is proudly presented by fans at sporting events too.
  • Even private individuals, more and more often, mark their “territorial claims” with an impressive flagpole in their gardens or in front of their houses .

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