Information on buying a flagpole

There are different types of flagpoles, high and stable flagpoles with outriggers, mobile flag poles, flagpoles made of wood or aluminum. These flagpoles certainly have one thing in common. A flag can be hoisted impressively. As different as flagpoles are as diverse are the reasons for buying a flag pole and their locations of use. We will give you some information on buying a flagpole.

Which material should the flagpole be made of?

Wood, steel or aluminum, all materials have their advantage. But especially anodized aluminum is suitable due to its durability and low weight material.

Where will the flagpole be?

Anyone who needs a flagpole for trade exhibitions or other events will want use a mobile aluminum flag pole. It consists of several parts and can be easily transported. If a tall flagpole is needed in front of a building, possibly with a constant flag display, a flagpole with large diameter should be taken.

How to fixate the flagpole?

Mobile flagpoles are fixated with a base plate or an auto foot most of the times. Fixed flagpoles should be anchored by means of a ground socket or fundament. A small door flagpole or a hoistable banner arm ensure that the flag pole does not need to be laid. Otherwise you should opt for a tilt link in order to change the flag easily.

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