Flags as symbols – more than a piece of cloth

Flags as symbols – more than a piece of cloth

Flags as symbols have a long tradition. We have done some thinking on symbolic flags.

  • Flags symbolize community spirit and create a sense of belonging. Under a flag people strive for the same objective and support each another.
  • The flag is a symbol that stands for loyalty. The loyalty to your own country, a club or a community.
  • Flags and ensigns are symbols that reflect joy. At events they show that something special is happening here.
  • Flags also remind us of happenings. Dates on flags show a date of a event, as for example the founding year of a company, or let us know that something extraordinary occurred that day.
  • Flags are a marker to heaven and point to heaven when there is a parade. They point towards a desirable aim.
  • Flags are also a symbol of respect and grief. In the wake of negative events, which can have a great impact, or in the event of death of important personalities, flags will be flying at half-mast to express solidarity and dismay.
  • Flags as symbols also serve as a warning of something dangerous that we cannot assess appropriately.
  • As we can see flags and banners are much more than pieces of fabric with a motif that is hoisted on a flagpole. A flag always is a symbol for something in our lives as well.

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