Fahnenmast montieren ohne Fundament

Aluart’s service: flagpoles without additional effort

It certainly is one thing to look for a flagpole for the garden or in front of the house as a private person. With a little skill the foundation is done quickly. Setting up the pole will be easy too with some help and „voilà“ the proud owner can hoist his favorite banner. The situation is a little different when a company wants to use flagpoles as advertising materials. It is no longer just about setting up the pole – the pole or the wear parts need to be maintained and replaced from time to time. Here Aluart’s service comes into play: We take care so there won’t be any extra effort with your pole for you.

Aluart’s service is fast and reliable

As a manufacturer, Aluart has the right machinery to install the flag poles in front of the companies within a short time. Aluart’s experienced and well-trained employees will do the work clean, fast and professional. But this is by far not everything the Aluart Service has to offer. The flagpoles themselves are almost maintenance-free, but the flags and wear parts, like the sleeves for example, need to be replaced after a while. This is exactly what Aluart could do for you so that you have only advantages with your new flagpoles and no extra work!

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