Telescope Flagpole Deluxe (DX)

Telescope Flagpole Deluxe (DX)

effective for advertising and flexible for indoor or outdoor use


DX_01Telescope Flagpoles are best suited for catching the eye at trade-fairs, exhibitions or meetings. The flagpoles are robust, simple to handle, stageless height-adjustable and always quick to set up. When pushed together they are ma- nageable in length, compact and easy to transport by car. They are practical to use everywhere, indoors and out.

In order to maintain an optimal flag picture, these flagpoles can also be supplied with a rotating arm of max. 150 cm. Telescope Flagpoles are made of aluminum in 3 pieces in lengths up to 8m and are available in three versions.

The Deluxe Telescope Flagpole is colorless ano-
dized. The tubes are blocked at the desired height via an internal mechanism with a circular motion. Lengths: 4m and 6m. Only suitable for indoor use!

A choice of ground fixings compliments the offer as follows:

Indoors:Round or square base plate, room stands, car wheel base, cast base plate.

Outdoors:Ground tube, Screw anchor, car wheel base, concrete base 37 or 77kg

With one click at the articlenumber you will get to our online-configurator

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