Standard Flagpole with banner arm (AB)

Standard Flagpole with banner arm (AB)

big effect, small price


AB_02Theft-proof flagpole, ideal for displaying advertising flags. This cost-effective flagpole was conceived for permanent use and is provided with a rotating arm to show the whole flag optimally even when there is no wind. Best suited to in- dustry, shopping centres, restaurants, etc. This flagpole can be installed without problems even in exposed locations!

This well-established, easy-care Flagpole is produced in si- zes from 5 m to 12 m in one or two-piece versions.

Thanks to the rotating arm (not hoistable), the full size of the flag can be seen even when there is no wind. The flag is fixed lengthways by the supplied plastic tubes and does not create any noise. The attachable rotating arm, not manipulable from the ground, offers the best possible protection from theft and vandalism. The arm turns freely in the wind a full 360°. To simplify the changing of the flag we recommend a hinged base plate. Smaller flagpoles can also easily be installed with a ground tube or a ground socket with center ring. The flagpole equipped with plastic head comes as standard, an aluminium head is optional.

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