Standard Flagpole (S)


Standard Flagpole (S)

robust and good value


Aluart Standard MastThe ALUART Standard Flagpole is a winner with its simple, robust style and its excellent value for money. Exceedingly practical for new users, it can be put together quickly with little effort and no tools.

The ALUART Standard Flagpole is available in sizes from 5 m to 12 m.

The one or two-piece flagpoles are equipped with a cleat and a plastic cap. The external halyard leads through the flagpole head and is coiled around the cleat that is fixed to the flagpole with a chrome bracket. By tightening the halyard, the device is clamped around the flagpole and is held in place without the need for fixings. The banner is fixed to a galvanised ring.

The Standard Flagpole is anchored to the ground with a ground tube (up to 8 m poles) or a ground socket with center ring. A ground socket offers the advantage that another size of flagpole can be installed at a later date without any problem.

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