Crank Flagpole with banner arm (KA)

Crank Flagpole with banner arm (KA)

sure an eye-catcher


KA_02This flagpole is ideal for advertising and always displays the flag at its full size. Thanks to the internal halyard, it is vandal and theft proof. The flag can be hoisted and changed wit- hout the strenuous task of removing the flagpole.

The 5 m to 12 m high flagpole is inbuilt with a winch that is operated with a removable hand crank.

The rotating arm of the flagpole turns freely 360° in the wind and always faces the optimal wind direction. The special rope, with its breaking load of 600 kg, is designed to bear a heavy load. Additionally a spring mounted rotator is attached to the halyard and pro- tects the rope from extreme over-tension. The flag is slid into the flag-support beam with the supplied plastic cord and is secured with finishing plastic plugs. The counterweight and the lateral fixing of the flag with the supplied plastic tubes allow smooth lowering of the flag. The two-piece flagpole is fixed with a ground socket and the appropriate center ring.

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