Crank Flagpole (K)

Crank Flagpole (K)

theft-proof and sturdy



A theft-proof flagpole for banners and flags. Thanks to the internal hoisting device, this flagpole is especially suited for public places such as pedestrian zones, outside public buildings or shopping streets.

The convenient Crank Flagpole is equipped with a built-in winch that offers the best possible protection from theft and is operated with a removable hand crank.

“>The plastic head of the flagpole guides the halyard out from inside the Crank Flagpole tube. The special cord is designed to bear very heavy loads and has a breaking load of 600 kg. The flag is fixed to the flagpole by a galvanised ring at the end of the halyard and lengthways down the pole with the supplied plastic tubes. A counter weight caters for the smooth lowering of the flag. The two-piece flagpole is available in sizes from 5 m to 12 m and is fixed in place with a ground socket and the approp- riate center ring. The Crank Flagpole is optionally available with a rotating aluminium head.

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