When should you raise that flag?

If you have already decided to install a big and good flagpole, will you hoist only the same flag there? Or can you raise different flags on many occasions? It is only up to you how to use your own flagpole. The possibilities are almost unlimited until the prohibited flags are hoisted. There are certainly many people who hoist a flag of the favorite football team all year round but others change it depending on the occasion. Someone hoist different flags depending on the current events or holidays.

Of course, national holidays are always the best opportunity to hoist a national flag. Nevertheless, sometimes people hoist a foreign national flags as a sign of honor. When an earthquake or a tsunami occurs in a certain country, an appropriate flag is raised to express solidarity. Another example is an anniversary of a disaster such as the disaster in Fukushima, that is why a flag against the nuclear power is hoisted everywhere.

As you can see, there are many different ways to use your flagpole. You do not have to hoist only the same flag during a year. Many people use their own flagpoles to express their opinions and points of view. Today everyone can order an appropriate flag at reasonable prices. Thus, you can be sure nobody else hoisted the same flag somewhere. Also a special flag can be used for birthday or anniversary. These all above are just a small example how and when you can hoist a flag. You can even try something new and unusual to express your individuality.

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