Flagpoles with an internal halyard system to prevent theft

Today vandalism and thefts are getting more and more frequent cases. People hang out together in clubs and bars on weekends and thus, sometimes they act very strange due to increasing alcohol consumption and keep their eyes on other people’s property, so such as flagpoles. Though, at the first glance a flagpole stealing seems to be very senseless, but flagpoles are more often stolen in public places. If these flagpoles are equipped with an external halyard system, it must be very easy to steal a hoisted flag.

On the other hand, there is an absolutely another situation with the flagpoles equipped with an internal halyard system. It provides protection against theft and therefore these flagpoles are very popular for use in public places, such as in a shopping mall or in front of public buildings.

Two variants of the Aluart flagpoles with this halyard system. First of all, there is a flagpole with a crank handle, but the flagpoles with an access door are more popular. A Flagpole with a crank handle provides security through the built-in winch operated with a removable crank. In this model, a halyard is put outside out of the pipe through a plastic head. The attachment of the flag is very simple, as it must be attached only to the end of the rope to a galvanized ring. The lowering of the flag is not a problem with a counterweight.

If you need more effective security system, a flagpole with an access door is the best choice! You can see these flagpoles in public places, since they are lockable. Just open the access door and hoist the flag with the halyard. This flagpole is installed in the same manner as the flagpole with a crank handle.

Flagpoles with an internal halyard system are usually installed at the public access places. But everyone can install this flagpole in the garden. This flagpole is pre-assembled and can be easily installed.

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