Advertisement on the banner cloth

There are a lot of different variants how to make your advertising effective. Brochures, flyers, advertisements in newspapers or online ad banners are new and widespread methods. But advertising on the flags is still very popular. A classic flag on a high flagpole is the best example. Usually, either a flag with a company flag or a flag with its slogan are shown there. However, most flagpoles serve as an indicator of the company headquarters.

So-called display frames are another effective advertising method. Perhaps, nothing comes to mind when you hear this term, but you have seen them before everywhere. Basically, a display frame is made of aluminum and then this construction in installed in the ground, after that a banner cloth is tightened inside. It creates a smooth advertising space, which is always visible without the wind.

These display frames are very popular because its flexibility. They can be used both for a mobile and permanent use. Its frame is very robust, but can be installed without any problems. The display frames have very wide fields of application, for example at the trade shows, near car dealerships, in shopping malls and as a signboard for the companies. Certainly, a banner cloth can be changed very quickly. Therefore, they are always ready for use when they are needed. These display frames might not necessarily, but definitely a very good alternative to the flagpoles.

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