37. Rules for a flagpole installation

You need a license for everything in Germany. Each homeowner knows how it could be very complicated if he or she wants to build a conservatory or a garden shed. At first, you are on the path to the building office just to learn whether it is possible to build anything on that place. Then a permission is required, surely it is not for free.

No wonder, then, that everyone who wants to install a flagpole in the garden or in the front yard would have to inform and ask if it is possible. Envious neighbors are everywhere and the disputes between neighbors in the competent court because of a flagpole or a garden shed is not a rare case. To prevent this unpleasant case you should go to the building authority in advance and learn whether it is possible to install a construction or not. There are no general rules for a flagpole installation in Germany. Nevertheless, it depends on the country, but the rules can differ even in the diverse municipalities. Even if you follow all the rules established by the building authorities, other conditions may be set for you. Nonetheless, usually you do not need a special permission for installation of a flagpole with height up to 10 meters. Although anyway you should learn all the rules before the installation to avoid any disputes.

It is advisable to inform your neighbors about your intention. If they do not agree, you should provide them weighty arguments. Thus, you will be able to install a flagpole and would not have any issues.

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