So different types of flagpoles can be installed

Which flagpole should you choose? The answer to this question is certainly not so easy because there are thousands of flagpole types. Should you choose just a standard flagpole, or is it better to take a deluxe one? Even a selection of the halyard system is not so easy. There are two types for your choice: internal and external halyard systems. If you would like a flagpole with a banner arm, there is also a great option. But these all are not the only decisions that you have to take. Another important thing is the method of the flagpole installation.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply stick a flagpole in the ground, as it must be installed with the professional equipment. There are also different available variants, which can be used depending on the location and options. The most popular is the ground sleeve. However, the concrete foundation is required for this, as the ground sleeve is installed in it. If everything is set properly, you can install a flagpole.

Even the hinged base plate cannot be without a foundation. However, the tilting function has a great advantage, because a flagpole can be easily installed. Sometimes it is not possible to create a foundation. Obviously, there are also other variants of installation, for example, the wall mount that can be installed directly on a wall or a facade. If you have a solid foundation, then the stand is a very good option. The only what you need is to drill some holes and screw down a flagpole. If you cannot pour the concrete foundation, you can choose the screw one. Thus, you can install a flagpole directly in the ground but you would need a special machine. So before the buying a flagpole, take into consideration the method of its installation.

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