The New Aluart Website

In a new, modern look we present the ALUART website h, which markets premium flag poles and flag pole parts for resale.

What you will find on the new website:

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  • Homepage : An initial overview of the company and the flag poles on offer. You will also find a small preview of our most current news here.
  • News: Read weekly informative articles concerning flag poles and advertising materials. Here we introduce new products, give tips and tricks for working with flag poles and flags, and constantly keep you updated. You can also subscribe to the news via RSS or Facebook.
  • Flip through the current product catalog and read ALUART’s company history, so you can see how ALUART has become one of the largest flag pole manufacturers in Europe.
  • You’re wondering how you can set up a flag pole? Then take a look at our video setup instructions. There, the ALUART mascot tells you how to do it step-by-step. Of course, you can also download text instructions.
  • Browse through our large assortment of flag poles. You will find this under Products – available for download with thorough descriptions, technical data, lots of pictures and informative material.
  • Still have questions? In the FAQ area you will find the most commonly asked questions and answers regarding flag poles and flags.
  • Lastly, under Contact you can find our corporate address, plus an interactive map of our location. You will also find our telephone number, a contact form, and links to our social networking profiles.


We hope that you enjoy our new Internet appearance. We would be very happy to hear praise and critique in the form of comments (beneath this article)!

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