The Aluart Beachflag and Beachflag mini

They are trendy and of the most eye-catching design that flagpoles could have. Besides, they are totally flexible to use inside or outside and the erecting is very easy. Of course, we talk about the Aluart Beachflag and the Aluart Beachflag Mini. The Aluart Beachflag and Beachflag Mini are the solution, if it’s about flag poles as mobile and quickly useable advertising materials.

At fairs or exhibitions, inside or outside

It’s certainly not an easy question which kind of advertising material should be used at a meeting, a fair or another event. Pennant and desk banner – of course, but flagpoles? Surely you could use a mobile flagpole at an event, but impressive and really eye-catching are the Aluart Beachflag and the Aluart Beachflag Mini with their remarkable Design. The advantages of these two flagpoles are obvious:

  • The design is an optimal eye-catcher. The flexible fiberplast – rod provides for the typical tilt of the ensign on the Beachflag.
  • The Beachflag has a minimal weight and is easily put up and to taken down again. In unerected sate, the Beachflag can be transported comfortably in your car. The length and weight of packaging is less than 2 meters (1,5m / 1,9m) and 3,5 or 4,0 kg.
  • The Beachflag is suitable for events inside and outside and there are multiple options of fixation.

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