Setting up a flagpole with or without permission

A flagpole really is one impressive thing: The company flag flies in front of the company on a high flagpole and shows visitors from a distance where the company headquarters can be found. But even in your own yard or directly in front of the house a flagpole with the flag of your favourite sports team is doing great. But what happens if the neighbour is a fan of the rivalling sports team and therefore feels disturbed by the flagpole? Even a company should enquire if they need a permission before setting up a flagpole.

Better inquire before setting up a flagpole

A flag pole is deemed a moving object as it can easily be removed and therefore does not need a permission to be set up. But if the flagpole should serve as a permanent flag display (longer than 3 months) and/or as advertising material, it is wiser to enquire with the appropriate authority of the particular state. That way putative disputes are avoided from the beginning and the situation is clear.

Inquiries can prevent trouble later on

If you, as private person, say to yourself: „Let sleeping dogs lie“, and abstain from contacting the responsible authority, you usually need not worry. As stated previously, you can claim that flagpoles are not considered solid installations and therefore are not subject to approval. But anyone who wants to avoid problems from the beginning, should rather ask. If you do not want to address the authority directly, maybe ask the neighbour, who might have set up a flagpole himself.

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