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Whether you are marketing flags and advertising materials regionally or throughout Europe: with ALUART you have a reliable partner and manufacturer for innovative flagpoles and flag supplies at hand. Our produce line spans from aluminium telescopic flag poles to modern beach flags to flag holders and systems for tension bands and displays. Whatever type of flagpoles and advertising flags interest your customers: with ALUART as your provider, you and your client base have a broad selection of flagpoles and supplies to choose from.

Flagpoles Made in Switzerland

Fotolia_36549120_XSFor more than 20 years, ALUART has stood for the best Swiss quality, top service and attractive cost-effectiveness. The drive for innovation and many years of experience in development and marketing have let ALUART become one of the leading providers of flagpoles in Europe. And the different flagpoles from ALUART all have one thing in common: they are made by the newest technological standards and persuade because of their functionality, weather-resistance and unique design. It is for this reason that they are found in front of numerous fairgrounds, company headquarters, sports arenas and city halls all throughout Europe.

Our large product line leaves nothing to be desired: we provide you with modern flagpoles in the most various designs, beach flags, flag holders, base sleeves, tension bands, flag cords and many more. Indulge yourself in our premium products, our know-how, and customer service that offers you outstanding care and who will let you feel well-advised.

If you are looking for a dependable flagpole manufacturer with a large product portfolio and fair prices, who stands at your side with experience and know-how, and can offer custom solutions for specific requests, then ALUART is the partner for you. We are excited for a long and successful cooperation with you!

ALUART Flagpoles

Product Catalog 2013 Flagpoles & Supplies

Take a look inside our newest catalog. Innovative flagpoles and premium supplies from the ALUART house.

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  • Innovative Technology

    Modern technology that excites

    ALUART is not only the largest, but also the most innovative flagpole manufacturer in Switzerland, as shown by numerous patents and new products.

    For years, ALUART has been closely working with the university in Lucerne to test products and work out new variations. Despite years of experience, we are always tasked with finding new solutions for our clients.

  • Stable & weatherproof

    Flagpoles for wind and weather

    What can a flagpole withstand? This question matters to us. What sounds simple is a difficult science in itself.

    Because there are no reliable data and figures in Europe as of yet, ALUART has led a three-year KTI research project with Lucerne University on the structural engineering and calculations behind flagpoles to better understand when which materials become damaged. Ultimately the measurements serve to better approach customer needs, and to manufacture the proper pole for any given location.

  • Easy to set up

    Delivered pre-assembled

    Flagpoles from ALUART are impressive for their very simple assembly.

    The flagpoles arrive pre-assembled and the customer only has to make the final adjustments themselves. No tools are required for that. Only when setting up large poles should you be cautious, or let the work be done by professionals. Our Service Team will happily support you.

  • Custom Specifications

    Unique flagpoles

    You want something specific and are looking for a professional flagpole manufacturer who can realize your ideas?

    As a manufacturer, we are used to making custom specifications: be it a flagpole mount on an 82m-high tower for illuminating a Christmas star, or a customer-specific product we deliver as stock items. This is why we have installed customer-specific 16m flagpoles in front of the Congress House in Dublin, or complete tapered poles based on customer request for hotels, company headquarters or architects. Give us a challenge!